Eurovignette, a fairer tax

Parliament adopts the taxation of heavy goods vehicles on trans-European networks.

It is no surprise that the European Parliament adopted, at second reading, the draft directive "Eurovignette" which was submitted to it Thursday in Strasbourg.

A text which concerns the taxation of all commercial vehicles using trans-European road networks and which should be validated without substantial modification by the Council of Transport Ministers. "This tax will not be added to the others but replace the annual fee," said Belgian MEP Mathieu Grosch (European People's Party, Christian Democrats), who insists that it should be more "fair" . Determined according to the km traveled and not the rolling, it will better correspond to the principle of the user / polluter-payer, especially since the text provides for a variation of the toll rate depending on the emission of harmful particles. . "The cleaner the car, the lower the tax will be," said Mathieu Grosch. Another sensitive issue is the destination of funds raised, a subject on which States are particularly jealous of their prerogatives. At this level, the Parliament is left with a global recommendation that the revenues be allocated to "improving mobility" in order to avoid the money being transferred to positions that would have nothing to do with the transport.

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