Europe: CO2 emissions by country and by electric kWh


What are the releases of carbon dioxide, CO2 by respective electric kWh in France and among our main European neighbors?

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These figures are taken from the following work: Thermodynamics of the engineer: energy - environment by Francis Miller and published by Wiley

thermodynamics engineer
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Page 289, 8.2 table.
national average values ​​for emissions per kWh electric CO2 for different countries (source IEA)

Average of the Europe of 15: 0,46 kg CO2 / kWh el.

some analyzes

  • This classification dates from 2003 but these values ​​have changed very little since, for example the construction of a wind farm has an extremely minimal influence on the discharges of a country, unless this country is very small, like Monaco for example . See the 2 diagrams below for Germany between 1990 and 2005.
  • Misconceptions die hard: on CO2, Germany is far from being so clean compared to the "ecological" image it conveys
  • Denmark, king of wind power often presented as an EXAMPLE of sustainable development, is one of the countries that emits the most CO2 to produce its electricity, the fault "with no wind" (small oil or gas power plants therefore very polluting are started)
  • The rate of CO2 is directly linked, obviously, to the nature of the energy source to produce electricity, so if hydraulics and nuclear are the cleanest at the level of CO2 (it is besides the one and only ecological argument of nuclear industry), coal is the dirtiest. And there are still a multitude of coal-fired power plants, notably in England and Germany, the two major industrialized countries in this ranking with France. For more details see the diagram below.

source and nature of the German electricity production

Nature and sources of the German electricity production

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