Study on the potential of biogas injection into the gas network

The Renewable Raw Materials Agency (FNR) has published a study on the prospects for the introduction of biogas into the natural gas network.

The Renewable Energy Act (EEG) makes it profitable to produce electricity from biogas, but using it in the form of heat would be even more so. Thus, distribution via the natural gas network would be an interesting alternative.

Biogas would first be purified to achieve the quality of natural gas.

The advantage would be to be able to transport it over long distances to the end customer. However, according to the FNR, even if the process worked, it would not necessarily present real interest everywhere: the gas network is not sufficiently developed to allow access to the whole population, and the quality of the gas varies in depending on the regions. In conclusion of the FNR study, gas preparation is profitable from a given installation size. The study makes it possible to determine, on which site and under what conditions the preparation of the gas and the connection to the network is interesting. It also makes assumptions about the most interesting regions for a biogas network.

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Sources: Depeche idw, press release of the FNR -13 / 04 / 2006
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