Study on the environmental and health standards for construction products

The Federal Office for the Environment publishes a report on the environmental and health standards applied to construction products.

This document is the German contribution to the European Union study on hazardous materials in construction products and should inspire future European standards in this field.

The study provides information on dangerous substances contained in materials, in particular concerning their use and their toxic emissions. It also establishes handling recommendations, in accordance with the format of European standards on concrete-based materials and on floor coverings.

By establishing common standards between all countries, the European Commission wants to improve the free exchange of construction materials. The lack of harmonization of consumer information slows down the development of materials poor in toxic products, because they are not distinguished from others.

The study report (224 pages) is available in German, with
a summary in English on the website of the Federal Agency for
the environment:

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- Frank Honerbach - Umweltbundesamt - tel: +49 30 89 03 2226 - email:
Sources: Depeche IDW, Press release from the Federal Agency for
the environment, 15/04/2005
Editor: Jerome Rougnon-Glasson,

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