PEMFC battery tests in Mie prefecture

In Mie prefecture (Western Japan), demonstration tests of PEMFC batteries start one after the other.

In collaboration with Toshiba Fuel Cell Power System, Cosmo Oil installed a 700W PEMFC battery using LPG as a hydrogen source in a recreation area of ​​the
Yokkaichi city. Idemitsu Kosan and Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries installed a 5kW system using propane at a fire station.

Also in the same prefecture, Sharp has installed a mixed PEMFC battery / solar panel system with a power of 10 kW in a high school.

These three piles are co-generation, the heat is recovered for
produce hot water.

Sources: The latest fuel cell news in Japan, 04 / 2005,
Editor: Olivier Georgel,
Ref: 361 / ENV / 1448

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