Battery testing PEMFC in Mie prefecture

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In Mie prefecture (Western Japan), PEMFC stacks of demonstration trials BE STARTED one after the other.

In collaboration with Toshiba Fuel Cell Power System, Cosmo Oil has moved a PEMFC stack 700W using LPG as a source of hydrogen in a recreation area of ​​the
city ​​of Yokkaichi. Idemitsu Kosan and Ishikawajima- Harima Heavy Industries has installed a system of 5kW using propane in a fire station.

Still in the same prefecture, Sharp installs a mixed stack PEMFC system / solar panel power 10 kW in high school.

All three batteries are mounted in co-generation, heat is recovered for
produce hot water.

Sources: The latest fuel cell news in Japan, 04 / 2005,
Editor: Olivier Georgel,
Ref: 361 / ENV / 1448


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