Galey on-unit test

Example of an amateur search for a UNIT SYSTEM
Based on the principles of a French patent.

By JC V amateur researcher and enthusiast of various electronic assemblies, former technician, former radio amateur, who will try with the words of the candid to present you the beginnings of his experimentation. I want to specify that my assembly can indeed have a certain resemblance with montages published on the Net but for some reason that I will demonstrate further we are ALL in this area almost required to use almost the same material with some differences in montages. I want to clarify that I referred to PATENT GALEY for the basic principles of operation because it is a free patent and FRENCH SURCROIT therefore perfectly well explained apart from one or two small insignificant gaps that I forbid myself to judge.

For curious people you will see that the Galey patent uses an old-style transformer casing that must be machined with great precision to be able to insert the power magnet, also machining an internal transfo section for the flow deflection of the magnet and it is very expensive. I therefore used a casing of type double-c transformer but having a resonance frequency between 50hz and 500hz for practical reason and stay in the time and spirit of the patent Galey, the position of the coils is also similar but on that side I think for the humorous side that (everyone has copied on everyone) .The dozens and dozens of patents of this type that can be found in the world. INPI or others, German patents, English, Japanese ect all show almost identical positioning. So I think that in this area nobody has the monopoly of anything except to protect by a PATENT invention if it works what is in law and rules. That's the most important thing said. But the final thing is I think the extreme pleasure of this research whether amateur or professional. The goal of my humble beginning experimentation, as an amateur, is to try to to get an idea of ​​the functioning of this type of device (because I think that there was around this system a mediatization out of proportion in view of the results obtained) AND ESPECIALLY UNABLE TO HAVE AN INQUIRY; wishing that many other interested persons try to take up the same type of experience and if possible exchange information.

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-Research in several steps to try to verify the authenticity of operation of the
Static electromagnetic generator of electric current (still according to the ideas of the Galey patent)

The goal : Use the magnetism or magnetization field of a magnet to induce a transformer-like structure (see 1 image), made of sheets with a high coefficient of permeability and the lowest possible remanence rate.

We must try to get on so-called output coils (see 1 image)
higher voltage and current gains than those fed to the primary winding (s) (see 2 and 3 images) of the structure

The very strong field of the magnet (nodynium type) replacing the primary of the transformer. The primary windings serve as "rammers" on the structure of the transformer to vary the flux of the magnet alternately inducing the output windings. Result: with some of the surplus energy obtained it may be possible to maintain the system in a state of self-supply which would give a generator of electricity. The operation is not necessarily utopian it does not require to be experienced; and who knows is likely to disturb certain principles of conservation of energy.
So to see ???

1er: The magnets.
Since about fifty years a constant evolution occurred in the manufacture of the magnets, we passed magnets soft steel and then ferrite in two or even three decades with powers of 50Ka / m to 2000 even 5000Ka / m for Néodynium And they start to be overwhelmed we are already talking about 30000Ka / m and much more powers put into play become extraordinary even dangerous for their manipulations able to pull you a finger and I know what I'm talking about. (The magnet of my editing appears in orange on the preparation carcass), (see 4 and 5 images)

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2eme: The structures or transformer

I use a type of transformer double-c (see image 1) low frequency type 50hz to 500hz which I could give the address of the dealer and the magnet, but there are several in France.
Other fixtures use working cores or cores with higher frequencies from 10khz to 100khz on average and with neighboring yields over 90 to 95%. These are metal-based transforms such as silicon and other rare metals allowing obtain very high permeability coefficients: transformer circuit allowing itself to be crossed and to induce at most by a field. One can also talk about reluctance.
Transfos also having excellent negative remanence: does not retain any magnetization effect after being induced.

3eme: The electronics consists of a circuit alternating switch quite standard that control the "gaches of two MOS-FET transistors accepting voltages of 250 volts under 30 watts. I put the photos of my proto or one The Neodynium magnet of good size glued to the North and South side on two magnetic extensions forming a core (see images 6, 7 and 8) to increase the flexibility of movement of the flows in the double-c structure.

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Problem stated: a serious or professional amateur researcher does not have to hide the moment when he runs into problems and in this case, that's what happens to me. the magnet Neodynium used is so powerful that I can not push the inductive fields structure because I have a problem of windings in terms of the number of turns and the diameter of the wire that must be used especially as I want to work around 50 to 100 hz .I have of course a 0 power supply to 150 volts and 0 to 3 amps .If a surfer can give me an indication depending on the size of the reels of the type of transformer used, the number of turns to wind thank you in advance.

To finish I would like to formulate a criticism of misunderstanding rather of disappointment concerning a patent deposited on a generator called MEG and patented in the USA is 2 years which must be be said marketed very quickly. The same case occurred with a car with air tablet and heaps of legends run on stories of accidents ect ....... Well, I think no! With the media hype around these two examples for years I think strongly that no force in the world could have prevented WHATEVER I am persuaded We foment many wars for oil that is doomed to disappear very quickly . And I guarantee that one immediately finds investors .A number of countries in a situation of non-energy would be takers immediately, so mystery ????

Thank you to Christophe Martz for allowing me to express myself on his site, we await any information and are ready to provide it. JC V

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