The currency scam, virtual currency and inflation

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The global monetary scam
Eberhard Hamer, a professor at the Institute of the middle classes in Hanover

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Monopolies formed by the actual values

In this way, high finance behind the Fed has gained against its rotten dollars, thanks to a targeted policy of real values, whole sectors of the market and thus constituted monopolies or oligopolies in the areas of diamonds, gold , copper, zinc, uranium, telecommunications, press and television, food (Nestle, Coca-Cola), large parts of the defense industry and space, etc.

• Currently, a monopolistic attempt attempts to control the genetics sector. Animals and plants that have been genetically manipulated are sterile. If we can therefore manipulate the genes of a whole region, farmers can not use grain they harvested and must buy the seeds of an enterprise that fixed price.

Another monopoly currently held on the sugar market: the EU sugar market is regulated so as to preserve the peasants their production of beet sugar, which is a vital necessity for many of them. Or the beet sugar is more expensive than sugar cane US cartel growing in the tropics. Nestlé and Coca-Cola, which belong to the high finance of the United States, now require, along with scientists and politicians who depend on them, a "liberalization of the sugar market" and claim it in international bodies (GATT, Mercosur ). Once this liberalization will be imposed, sugar beets expensive not be able to remain resilient in sugar cane cheap, the European sugar production would collapse and finally the sugar market - all cheap first, then expensive - will be flooded with cane sugar cartel controlled by high finance of the United States.

• The Primacom case demonstrates by what high finance US methods monopolizes entire branches: this cable network operator has a very lucrative position, but has long been in the sights of high finance US (monopolization of telecommunications). It seeped long in the management Primacom then granted him a loan at an interest rate of over 30%. Therefore, this thriving business struggled and became, in the eyes of the US bank, own a very cheap takeover. The game is currently going through its final phase.

• The emissary of American high finance Ron Sommer tried to engage in a similar game with Deutsche Telekom. High finance US accumulates telecommunications companies to create a global monopoly. To do this, the emissary Sommer bought him a small business in the telecommunications sector at a price ($ 30 billion) greater than thirty times its value, so that this high finance can buy Telekom with its own assets. The second step was to make Telekom shares so cheap that US investor can buy cheap. On this point, Rom Sommer failed. However, this failure will only delay, not prevent, recovery plans of American high finance. Privatization and takeover of telecom companies continue, according to prepared plans.

• A similar game is set in the global energy market. In Germany, RWE and EON participate visibly, high finance US has already sent his trusted men in the decisive banks and managements for takeover candidates. In 20 years, she also wants to monopolize the world's water, as directed by his representative Brzezinski.

Currency reform and the actual values

A correct interpretation of the global high finance plans leads to the conclusion that the money supply should be increased and devalued until all important actual values ​​of the world are bought and monopolized. High finance knows that its increase in the money supply can not go unnoticed and that, at some point, confidence in an inflationary dollar disappear. The outbreak of a crisis of confidence will still controlled inflation galloping inflation, which inevitably lead to a monetary reform.

• However, it is an advantage that will benefit both high finance that the United States:

Previously, high finance has bought enough actual values ​​with rotten dollars, and these actual values ​​will not be affected by the reform. High finance will thus converted to money time rotten value of heritage. As she made global monopolies in many areas, it can impose levies at any time in the world, thanks to monopoly prices. The rulers of the world will therefore be no more tax income, but income from monopolies. Nobody can prevent high finance of up to 10, 20 or 30% the price of gold, diamonds, copper, zinc, water, seeds and energy and thus impose special levies on the entire global population. There's never been such a financial power in the world having made such a threat to the entire population.

Cunning, high finance US dollars mainly spilled its rotten abroad. Over three quarters of dollars are no longer in the US, but are found in the creditor states of the country. Indeed, the US is increasingly indebted to foreign countries in recent years. The foreigner has delivered products and received in exchange for worthless dollars. All foreign central banks are filled with rotten dollars. If they are suddenly devalued, over three quarters of the damage will affect the central banks, banks, governments and operators outside the United States. European central banks will then regret having exchanged their gold against rotten dollars and has provided the formal currency as base (bank reserves) of their own currencies such as the yen and the euro. If the price of the key currency, the dollar collapses, the satellite currencies suffer the same fate, his only base being in an amount rotten dollars. In other words: monetary reform that prepares necessarily trigger a reform of all world currencies, including the rotten dollar is still the main reserve currency.

The fact that any continuous increase of private currency - the dollar - by the Federal Reserve belonging to the high finance of the United States must inevitably lead to rotting of the dollar, inflation becoming stronger and ultimately a monetary reform is a fundamental certainty of financial science, and even Greenspan and his colleagues should be aware.

Monetary reform the global currency

Imprudently, Greenspan said in a speech that "a fundamental correction of the dollar would be here 2007 and that could melt to that end the dollar and the euro in the euro-dollar, a new global currency." This view meets the needs of senior American finance since the abuse of the dollar can not continue that until 2007 the worst. Indeed, confidence in the world that more private money without respite, losing more and more its value and kept artificially should have gone before. So the dollar will suffer a transformation in the coming time. If a merger with the euro took place, high finance US reach important goals:

A new currency would depreciate the old currency debts and thereby to deprive creditors holding more of that currency. If the new Euro-dollar is old 20 15 dollars or euros, the old currencies are devalued accordingly, creditors holders of old currency despoiled, the game benefited the private money issuers.

The US Federal State and especially rid of his debts: the foreign indebtedness, which currently reaches 5200 billion dollars, would amount whereas 2600 billion Euro-dollars, devaluation of 50% .

The old dollar holders would be the main victims, the amounts they hold is devalued by 50 or even 90%. The central banks of China, Japan and Europe, which hold large currency reserves in dollars, would suffer particularly.

However, the main purpose of American high finance is thus establish a global currency would control it. Under a euro-dollar plan, the Federal Reserve belonging to the high finance of the United States would inevitably have a majority. This high finance then would control the majority of the system. To this end, the high finance of the United States chose the BIS (Bank for International Settlements), a private organization that has already secretly acquired the majority of shares. If the BIS became the central bank issuing the euro-dollar, the same private owners would, by chance, the principal owners of the new central bank, which were the Fed owners before. They could play the game of issuing currency at will, to a higher level, they have played so far with the Federal Reserve - and benefit from additional reduction in their debt due to the reform monetary. The increase in global money supply held up to now, this big money scam, would be offset by the currency reform. Old criminals benefit from a new system, a new currency, which would allow them to use the same purpose the global currency euro-dollar in the 20 30 to next years.

In doing so, the high finance of the United States would have monopolized by scam global real values ​​- which include such essential goods as seeds, food, water, energy and metals, but have also built again a monetary monopoly at its disposal, it could use at will - a monetary expansion machine, like the donkey ducats to the legend.

• Even the publication of this scam system will not cause a noise in the world. We speak of "conspiracy theory" of "anti-Americanism" or even "anti-Semitism" (Rothschild) and will endeavor to prevent such publications, an essential part of the global print and electronic media belonging to the high finance of United States.

• It is important that those who could suffer losses include this game. Whoever has a financial wealth should listen, or rather read.

• The losers of the big game of the financial oligarchy are participants in the global market place too much confidence in the currency, which still believe that it is not a simple function of exchange, but it is still preserver of value. Men have clearly not learned from the constant devaluation of the currency in recent years 40. This will accelerate in the coming years before the final catastrophe, as it serves only to handlers. Whoever therefore attaches importance to maintaining the long-term value of its assets can not continue to have investments in currency values, in insurance policies, bonds or cash, it must invest in real values, like high finance gives the example.

strategic goal of global monetary scam

As far as can be judged from the outside, high finance US had the only goal initially to control the country's currency and thereby manipulate the US market at any time. Private Fed used to achieve this. When President Kennedy proposed a bill to nationalize the private financial system, he died suddenly. Anyone in contact with private money opportunities lost her heritage or her life.

• Since then, the strategic objectives of American high finance have gone beyond the national framework. Its aim is a global private monetary system, which it has secured through its private dollar, imposed as the main reserve currency worldwide, and which it must formalize only by a world currency, the euro-dollar.

• If we want to prevent a second abuse of the global monetary system in favor of private high finance and misuse of money supply, each currency should be protected against any public or private abuses, against any inflationary or deflationary manipulation.

• This goal can certainly not be achieved if we abandon the exchange to the private high finance. It always benefit from the opportunities for abuse by pillaging and exploiting the world by increasing the money supply.

• However, experience has also shown that most governments also abuse their currency, if they may influence the central bank and its money supply policy.

• It is therefore necessary to prevent abuse that governments and the private high finance have on currencies.

• It is certain that a currency based on gold can not be manipulated as easily as a mere formal currency. However, the problems of a currency based on gold arising from the availability of gold, high finance have captured most of the gold reserves. Thus, it would again become a winner and accapareuse any kind of currency based on gold.

• The only solution is that of a formal currency. However, this currency must not be freely arbitrarily determined, but should focus on a currency neutral objective. The money supply should therefore not grow more than assets. The monetary sector should no longer exercise any inflationary or deflationary effects on currencies and the global economy.

• This can only be achieved by strictly neutral independent central banks and if they constitute a "fourth estate", are not in the hands of individuals and can not be influenced by their governments. Before his castration by the European Central Bank, the Bundesbank was very close to independence.

• The next monetary reform offers a unique opportunity to denounce the perpetrators, their currency manipulation and abuse and to encourage the general approval of a central banking system on which neither high finance nor governments would exercise of influence. This is an exceptional opportunity.

• High finance in particular, who, by his body BIS has already prepared to seize the next system of central banks and currencies could prevent the establishment of an independent system. It is therefore appropriate to inform, to explain to the population, the economy and politicians the hazards that a monopolist economy poses not only to the current currency, but also to a new monetary system.

Source: Concerns, number 31, 2005 June

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