Erratum: New tariffs for renewable energies in France

We have received by e-mail these following remarks concerning the news of the 19 / 06 below.

  • The photovoltaic tariff will be 30 € / Mwh with a bonus of 25 € / Mwh for "integrated" panels
  • EDF does not lose money by buying renewable electricity since there is a tax to compensate for these expenses: the CCSPE (contribution to public utility charges for electricity) that everyone pays in their bill. It is also cogeneration that takes pride.

Nicolas GENTE, Energy Environment Service
Departmental Union of Energy and Equipment of Vendée.

Note: the notion of "integrated" panels is still fuzzy, apparently it is panels completely integrated into a building (so a priori, the price of 55 cts / kWh would NOT be valid for panels placed on the ground).

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