Wind power offers more wind than expected ...

The latest news is that the worldwide wind potential is 72 terawatts.

A balance sheet higher than what was believed until then. For Stanford University, at the origin of this calculation, it would be enough to exploit a small part of these resources, about 20%, to satisfy the electricity needs of the planet.

In 2000, for example, world electricity consumption was around 1,7 terawatt.

Established to know the most promising wind fields and optimize the international location of propellers, this unique wind map integrates data from 8 anemometers distributed around the globe. In addition to the measurements taken on the surface of the ground or the oceans, the study includes the readings of 000 weather balloons left at an altitude of 500 meters, the average height of rotation of wind turbines.

According to this veritable atlas of air currents, the strongest winds are found in the North Sea, in the region of the great North American lakes, at the tip of South America and in Tasmania. It remains to locate the power plants.

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