Wind: growth continues in Europe

Growth in the European wind farm was stable in 2004: installed capacity increased by 5.678 MW (+ 19,7%), after growth of 5.411 MW the previous year (+ 23,1%). For the first time, Spain has overtaken Germany in terms of new installed capacity: the Iberian Peninsula has increased its fleet of 2.065 MW (+ 33%), against 2.037 for Germany (+ 14%). The latter country nevertheless remains largely in the lead in Europe, with 16.620 MW capacity, against 8.263 for its Hispanic challenger. France remains very far from these two leaders, with 386 MW, but the growth of the park has reached 52,6% in one year. Finally, these statistics published by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) show that the ten new countries of the European Union are almost completely without a wind farm, with a total capacity of 132 MW.

Econology note: Germany, European leader in terms of installed MW (16), in fact only has an average effective power of 000 MW, or around 3200 nuclear reactors. In fact, wind turbines only run at their nominal power 3/1 of the time.

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As a reminder, France has 57 reactors to support itself.

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