Energy: fight against hidden energy consumption or how to easily reduce your electricity bill?

The fight against the decline in your purchasing power (and incidentally against the warming and depletion of resources) also involves the fight against the overconsumption of electrical energy.

While there are electrical needs which are not “compressible” because they are linked to the country's economic activity, there are other needs which are much more compressible and in which each of us can be an actor; one of these energy "needs" are hidden electrical costs.

The reduction of these hidden costs also makes it possible to reduce, obviously, your energy bill of electricity and thus increase your (sacrosanct) "purchasing power" ...

We do not mean hidden electrical costs:

a) Residual electrical consumption that does not enter into the device use phase (standby or electrical standby),
b) Overconsumption of electricity due to improper adjustment, deterioration or lack of maintenance of the appliance (dirty resistance, frosted fridge, etc.)
c) Overconsumption compared to the product data sheet

It is obviously very difficult to estimate these hidden costs overall for France, but various figures are circulating and the consumption of devices on standby would correspond annually to the electrical energy produced by a nuclear reactor! In other words, it is a very large amount of energy and that reducing hidden costs is reducing nuclear risk ...

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