Emmanuel Giboulot in court: the obligation to pollute pesticides?

E. Giboulot is an organic winegrower who refused to use a pesticide that he considers dangerous for health and the environment, on February 24 he was summoned to the criminal court with a penalty of 6 months in prison and 30 euros fine !!

All “reasoned” agriculture can thus be condemned by case law… for “non-pollution”!

The case is explained in detail by the author even here with a petition to sign

Statement of support to Emmanuel Giboulot

Dear Emmanuel Giboulot,

You can count on our unwavering support in the ordeal you are going through.

I believe that, in view of the context, it is absurd that you are today called before the criminal court.

This is why I want to let you know that there are hundreds of thousands of us supporting you, and encouraging those around us to do the same.

Allow me to wish you and your family to overcome this ordeal with serenity. Be proud of the fine example you are setting for all farmers in France - organic or conventional - and for all citizens, and of your responsible attitude in the face of the threats facing bees today.

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It is our total belief, and I hope that the thousands of letters of support like mine that you receive will give you the comfort you deserve. It is the least of things in a country which has such an environmental heritage to protect, and yet where biodiversity is so seriously threatened.


Debate on forums: the case Emmanuel Giboulot will he jurisprudence?

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