Renewable Electricity: 15 projects selected by the Ministry of Industry

The Ministry of Industry announced that it had selected fifteen projects to produce electricity from renewable resources following a call for tenders. These are 14 biomass projects (216 MW) and one landfill biogas project (16 MW). The call for tenders, which had been launched on December 17 and was open for 200 MW of biomass and 50 MW of biogas, obtained 23 applications. The average cost of the electricity produced by these 14 projects will be 8,6 euro cents per kilowatt hour (c € / kWh), “compared to an average price of electricity on the wholesale markets of the order of 3,5 c € / kWh with an upward trend ”, specifies the ministry's press release. A new call for tenders will be launched in 2005.

To read the press release on the website of the Ministry of Industry, click here.
For more details on the projects, click here.

 Antoine Blouet

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