Electricity: power consumption and standby: HP All in One Printer

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The measures vigils appliances hold many surprises ... bad most of the time.

These completely unnecessary consumption recess induce hidden extra costs generally more important for the environment (reasoning in primary energy equivalent) for your monaie door ... so there is no good reason for that to change, on the contrary it allows develop power energy operators.

So our HP printer consumes as much (9 to 10W) whether it is on or "completely" off (in appearance, no led on!).

Here is the review, video, this printer consumes annually when left plugged (I do not say on but simply connected, ie connected to the mains!) 24h / 24h, equivalent Primary Energy 400km a course with an average car!

This video was made using a power meter PM230.

Commentez la vidéo sur les forums: HP printer consumption "off" (off)

English version of this video: Mythbuster: HP printer energy consumption in stand by mode or sleeping


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