Einstein: an equation biography

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E = mc², an equation biography

An exceptional documentary fiction in the footsteps of the most famous equation in the world and renowned scientists who contributed to the hatch.

A fascinating documentary fiction to revive the epic of one of the greatest discoveries of all time, through a striking portrait gallery through the centuries and countries: Michael Faraday Humphry Davy Antoine Lavoisier and Emilie du Chatelet.

E = mc2

Technical informations :

Documentary Fiction Gary Johnstone with Aidan McArdle, Shirley Hender Son, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Sam West and Helene De Fougerolles.

Released in: Arte Video - 2005 2 Zone / Coul. / Dolby Stereo / 4 / 3
All public
VO: French
DVD Duration: 170 minutes.
Film Duration: 107 minutes.


To mark the centenary of the discovery of 1905 in the equation E = MC2 this exceptional docudrama based on the bestseller by David Bodanis tells the incredible story of five major scientists who provided the crucial parts a gigantic puzzle finally solved by the sixth and largest of them: Albert Einstein.

Covering 250 years of history, "E = MC2" brings to life the lives of those who hide behind the most important scientific discovery of all time and who paved the way for Einstein: Michael Faraday, Antoine Lavoisier, Humphry Davy and Emilie du Châtelet.


How Einstein is not it crazy? Etienne Klein, a physicist at the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, Paris - Another legacy of Einstein: astrophysics and cosmology, by Jean-Pierre Luminet, an astrophysicist at the Paris Observatory - Emilie du Chatelet, a woman science, by Elisabeth Badinter, a philosopher, of Emilie du Châtelet biography - Chinese portrait of Einstein, by Françoise Balibar, science historian, biographer of Albert Einstein.


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