The greenhouse effect: Reality, consequences and solutions

René Ducroux, Philippe Jean-Baptiste, Patrice Drevet (Foreword), Jean Jouzel (Foreword)
CNRS, 2004

The greenhouse effect: Reality, consequences and solutions

Summary :
The greenhouse effect is one of the major problems of our twentieth century. The climatic consequences are starting to be felt (droughts, floods, climatic extremes like the 2003 summer heat wave in Europe) and worry not only the climate experts but also most political decision makers, convinced of the need to take corrective measures. But what is the greenhouse effect? Are predictions of climate change reliable? What does the study of past climates teach us? Where do the greenhouse gases come from? What will be the consequences of climate change in the world but also in France? Can we change the current trend? What are the different technological solutions and the main lines of research to fight against the greenhouse effect? How much will it cost ? Governments have begun to become aware of the problem. Thus, in January 2000, France has defined a program to combat climate change. What about today ? Following the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the United Nations created a Framework Convention on Climate Change, which resulted in the famous Kyoto Protocol. After the withdrawal of the United States, where are we in the application of this protocol? Will the greenhouse gas limitation targets be achieved? So many questions that this book tries to answer by considering the issue of the greenhouse effect as a whole. It thus contributes to the necessary awareness of the role of human activities on the climate and opens up avenues to explore so that the greenhouse effect can one day be stabilized.

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