Greenhouse effect, environment and politics: survey completed

The environmental and political survey has been completed. Here is the question and the results. To meditate.

What do you think of the current hype about the greenhouse effect?

That's great, it educates a wider audience of environmental issues. 37.33% (919 votes)

That's good but I'm afraid it will fall like a breath after the 2007 elections 27.17% (669 votes)

It is pure opportunistic hypocrisy on the part of the media which are paid by the lobbies anyway. 17.87% (440 votes)

That makes me laugh, it will not change the problem of substance: in a few months everyone will have forgotten what has been said! 15.35% (378 votes)

I have no opinion and / or it does not interest me. 2.27% (56 votes)

Total votes: 2462 votes.

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