Edgar Morin and globalized society 2.012 release!

Edgar Morin analyzes “world” society version 2.012 in a 40-minute speech to the forum Rennes.

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Analysis of the analysis by Ahmed, a member of our forum:

I find all this in the right line of Stéphane Hessel, therefore with the same faults: a purely moral posture which ignores the deep mechanisms at play: not that I underestimate the importance of restoring or establishing an ethics, but to be content to invoke the omnipotence of finance " misguided ”or the rise of terrorism, it is a rather summary analysis!

If finance is more visible today, was it absent from this “daddy” capitalism that these speeches seem to regret with a very narrow vision? Do we not see that this lame reconciliation was only temporary and that it obscured, in its extended (but hexagonal) egoism, the price paid, elsewhere, further away, out of sight?

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Thousands of people are dying and far more numbers suffer every day in the world of economic terrorism, which in some people arouses inappropriate and regrettable reactions: is it any wonder?

Last remark, isn't there a contradiction in hearing an expert urge us to be independent of thought (performative contradiction)?
Does it not thereby seal our profound incapacity for any autonomy?
Who would listen to him if he were not crowned with his titles?

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