EDF announces the deletion of 5000 posts

Three weeks after its IPO, Electricité de France said Thursday that it will not replace retirements by 2007. Already known information, defends EDF.

For EDF, this is only a "confirmation". For the unions, three weeks after the group's IPO, it's a "hard blow" and a "change of strategy".
Thursday, Electricité de France has announced that it intends to delete 5000 posts by the non-replacement of most retirements by 2007, while stressing immediately that these figures were already known. "There is strictly no new announcement compared to what was in the Altitude 2004 end performance plan," said a spokesman for the group. Recalling that this information was included in the "basic document" sent to the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) before the November 21 IPO.

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