EconoTour 1 release!

In order to move things forward in the field of econology, the project to make the Tour de France by HVB vehicle (and why not also PMC Pantone?) Was born.

We named it: the EconoTour (or Tour de France HVB)

This project responds to the many discussions held on the forum, where it seemed necessary to go to the stage of concrete actions in "real life". Indeed, the Internet being what it is, it remains limited for human contacts.

The objective is simple: to make known the cause of independent ecological fuels as well as the community which is being created around Christophe's econological site.

In practice, this involves making an exhibition tour of the vehicles involved
to raise public awareness. Explanatory panels and demonstrations will be
used. Conferences (universities) are also extremely desirable if possible.

The occasion would also lend itself to proposing citizens to sign a letter asking our leaders to make substantial efforts in terms of clean energy.

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This Tour de France would take place in June or July 2005. The route would include several symbolic places of transport (ministry), automobile (Sochaux) and
HVB fuel (valenergol). Any opportunity to meet journalists will of course be very profitable. We will also try to obtain the participation of the associative actors of the HVB (see links of the site).

Beforehand, we obviously need to know and define a roadmap and actions to be taken, the creation of the Econology Association is also mentioned as a pre-objective of this project.

Where are we ?

The idea has just been launched, we still have everything to do.

If you find the idea interesting and want to know more or better, that you want to contribute to its success by participating, please read this page specially created for the occasion:

The EconoTour page

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