Save energy with cold accumulators

Long-distance heat and cold specialists from the city of Chemnitz and thermodynamics researchers at the Technical University (TU) of Chemnitz (Saxony) are currently doing, and at the request of the Federal Ministry of Economics and work (BMWA), research to determine if ice packs should not be used
more in large energy supply systems. The long-distance cooling system of the city of Chemnitz serves as a study device for practical research.

The results of the study could in the future be used on a national scale for the construction or the modernization of cooling systems. The various partners of the project are currently analyzing to what extent the use of cold accumulators could make it possible to use
more intensive absorption refrigeration machines. The basic idea: the cold accumulator is charged during the night and can then cover the peak load of the remote cooling system during the day.

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For the city of Chemnitz, this would mean that more excess heat produced by the Chemnitz North plant would be converted to cooling and that in total, less electricity would be consumed. This solution is according to the opinion of experts not only ecological, but
also economically viable, which is not always the case in the energy industry.

The current results on technical feasibility and cost estimates make researchers optimistic. The cooperation between the University of Chemnitz and the services of the city was moreover concretized in December 2004 by the establishment of a contract between the two partners.

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Sources: Depeche IDW, Press release of the TU Chemnitz, 07 / 02 / 2005
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