Save electricity, save electricity

How to save electricity easily by adopting some good habits?

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How to save electricity? for individuals, professionals and in the public domain! (Read our other article for make heating bill savings)

  • limit the maximum electric heating
  • use an instant hot water maker in the kitchen rather than a kettle
  • use a laptop (30 to 80 watts) rather than a desktop PC (100 to 200 watts)
  • big PC software power management
  • use low consumption bulbs or efficient LED lighting
  • rigorous management of the shutdown of stores at 22 p.m. and signs
  • insulation and programming via thermostat (electric heating)
  • Automatic timed lighting in certain rooms
  • devices on standby to "switch off" (remote controlled sockets or multiple sockets with several switches)
  • air-dry laundry rather than a tumble dryer
  • rigorous management of lighting and computers in offices (night shutdown, etc.)
  • modification of corridor lighting (presence detector)
  • better management and distribution of public lighting
  • energy recovery from refrigerators in supermarkets
  • containment of the fridges area (Colruyt already the practice in Belgium)
  • on old boilers: set a timer on the circulator set to 1/4 hour after switching off the burner (out of a total of 8760 hours per year, 80 Watt, significant savings
  • watch less TV and have sex more often in the dark 😉 (good for the health also)
  • teach children to turn off the lights and close the doors
  • promote renewable energy: wind turbines, solar hot water, hydropower
  • management of peak hours
  • fill the freezer as much as possible (even with water bottles)
  • de-freezer regularly freezer
  • a sign green electricity contract
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  1. Hello friends citizens,

    The electricity market has been open for 10 years now. This therefore means that we now have the choice of our energy supplier and that we can change our contract more easily and quickly. I would like to share with you a small site which lists all energy suppliers and which presents all the offers and especially those which promote green energies:

    I hope this will help you consume less and become even more eco-responsible!

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