Save water, save water

How to save water?

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Water savings:

- rainwater recovery (shower, toilet, machines, etc.)
- recover the cold water from the start of the hot water in a bucket and use it for flushing or rinsing the sink.
- aerators on the taps
- energy saving shower head
- economical flush or brick in the flush (or 1 or 2 bottle (s) filled)
- dry toilets
- dishwasher and washing machine (well stocked)
- shower stop and mixer
- quick shower rather than bath
- for men: urinate in the garden in summer so as not to have to flush the toilet
- hand washing large dishes that take up a lot of space in the dishwasher
- wash your clothes when they are really dirty
- use a bathrobe rather than towels
- keep the same cup all the same day
- limit consumption by turning off the tap when it is unnecessary
- use of economical household appliances in rapid or eco cycles (see instructions)

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