Save heating, to save heating

How to save the energy of your heating (electric, gas, fuel oil, wood…) more or less easily by adopting some good habits or by making judicious investments?

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How to make savings in heating? (Read tips for saving electricity)

  • isolate at best all that is not yet! See our forum insulation aid
  • limit the heating temperature in 18-19 ° C (15-16 ° C for bedrooms)
  • electronic management of the room temperature with one or more thermostats
  • remote heating of public buildings and industrial
  • upgrading facilities: high efficiency boilers, building automation, heating suppression corridors
  • auxiliary electric heating in the bathroom in 1/2 season
  • electric backup heater when you are alone in the office during the day or for any room that is rarely occupied
  • lowering ceilings so the volume to be heated
  • optimizing the choice of dwelling (type + location)
  • use renewable energies: solar and wood (optimization of efficiency: reverse fires, etc.)
  • if you are on electric heating: think about geothermal or air heater (beware of scams ...)
  • Dressing well in a sweater in winter is better than a T-shirt!
  • wash your hands in cold water
  • installation of an airlock at the entrance to shops and houses
  • check the tightness of your opening elements (joints to be redone?)
  • use socks doors
  • west facing conservatory or south
  • build a waterspout wall (solar wall that stores solar energy)
  • automatic door in shops or public places
  • making a thermal diagnosis: thermal camera, laser thermometer, blower door (BlowerDoor, infiltrated metry)
  • connect the dishwasher and washing machine to the water heater (if not electric) and solar is even better
  • insulate hot water pipes
  • solar hot water
  • ignition chimney top-down
  • improve the exchange of an insert blower
  • thermostat on the insert ventilation
  • put some shutters, blinds or curtains
  • make insulating curtains by double or even triple curtains!
  • baking bread (or other) in winter: the energy consumed to bake the bread is also used to heat the house = optimal efficiency.
  • install a recovery of calories just outside the wood stove (boiler)Either hot water or firebricks
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