Shop econological, loyalty discounts and variable economic bulb with dimmers

Two news from our shop:

a) Establishment of loyalty reduction groups.

Being part of a reduction group entitles you to a permanent reduction on your bills! For the moment, we have defined 2 groups with 2 reduction levels:
- 10% for regulars of our forum,
- 5% loyalty reduction, ie customers who have already purchased more than € 300 in a basket (in one or more times) on our store.

Learn more: read the news of the shop

b) Megaman now offers CFL bulbs continuously dimmable or dimmable.

variable economic bulb with dimmer dimmer

We currently offer a single, continuously variable model: a 10W GU11 low-cost bulb compatible with voltage converters

Find out more: discover these 2 models of economical variable intensity bulbs

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