Ecodesign for mechanics

Eco-design for mechanics

Key words: life cycle analysis, design, product, environment, sustainable


To design or redesign is to try to keep it simple by approaching the "just necessary". In this approach, moving towards "the most respectful of the environment" is often perceived or considered, sometimes rightly, as being a constraint limiting the possible options at the end of the design process.

"Eco-design for mechanics" is a document which aims to make mechanical companies aware of this new approach to product design, called "Eco-design", by showing that it can make it possible to broaden the field of possible solutions (new materials, new processes, etc.), to bring important elements of innovation and therefore to be the source of added value.


 Taking into account the protection of the environment in the design of the products, in more concise "eco-design", this is an attractive project but a complex implementation.

Starting from the stage of design, manufacture, then use until the end of its existence in the form of ultimate waste, the product will interact with the environment; it will have effects on the natural environment and on man, the benefit or harm of which is ranked firstly in economic impact, but also in appraisal of subjective appearance, which it would be appropriate to quantify.

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To want to be too insightful, one risks being deviant, but to be too suspicious one does not risk to be insightful. Without being able to claim the completeness of the many kinds of concerns that the protection of the environment requires, this guide is valuable for the industrialist, in that it tells us why it is advisable to design the products in a conscious way of the environment and considering their entire life cycle. In this industrial adventure always open, the paths that lead to "eco-efficient" products are still difficult to clear.

Thank you to the authors who offer us some good guidelines in line with our times. "

Documents and links:
- Download of the document "Eco-design for mechanics"
- Mapeco: an eco-design method

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