Ecocompare: choose the best to avoid the worst!

More and more products and services are presented today as “ecological”, “protecting nature” or “protecting the environment”, while the interest of the product or service for nature is minimal or nonexistent. How to navigate? is a website comparator created in Bourg de Peage (Drôme) which notes ecological products according to 3 main criteria: manufacture, use and recycling.

Thanks to the evaluation of products, this site makes it possible, for example, to compare two or three products with each other, criteria by criterion, such as construction materials, or the different types of layers:

eco comparative layers

This site is also participatory, everyone can propose a product which seems relevant from an ecological point of view or which allows to save water, electricity or heating…

Thus, on the web you will find more and more articles with the pictogram "ecocompare selection", you will know then that this product has been studied and has a real ecological value, the results of which are available on the site.

Read also:  Measure the regeneration of contaminated soils is not a commercial site but consumer information, it does not sell anything. The only objective is to change behavior in a more responsible and sustainable approach by choosing for the same service, the product that will be the most respectful of the environment. It is a guide for the Internet user who gets lost in the labels and other “green” promises.


The site has, moreover, referenced 4 products of the econological shop, including 2 completely spontaneously:

- Our Aleppo soaps
- Our Baking Soda
- The PM 230 Wattmeter
- Our Fluocompact Bulb GU10 11W

Find out more
- Visit the site
- Talk to one of the Ecocompare managers about forums

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