Enlighten your professional space thanks to the LED panel

Lighting up your professional space while preserving the environment: it's possible thanks to the LED panel

LED panel desk

The professional setting does not lack requirements in terms of layout and lighting. This is a detail of paramount importance. Workers must have a comfortable and well-lit space. Fluorescent bulbs, used for many years, are losing ground more and more LED panel. The latter is more advantageous than the old lighting mode. It is visible in many workspaces, such as hospitals, offices and many others. For various reasons, this type of lighting has become unavoidable. We explain why.

Models and advantages of the LED panel for business premises

Le LED panel has really taken the place of incandescent bulbs in most of the professional spaces. This equipment can be found in your office, in the meeting rooms or in the lobbies. The high-quality light panels give you many advantages, especially at the ecological and economic levels.

An undeniable aesthetic asset

LED lighting

Without any effort, the LED panel decorate any place. Whether you use it for shop or office lighting, you'll be happy to see all the light it brings. In such a context, visitors and workers feel safe and enjoy a pleasant, non-aggressive light. In addition, LED panel lighting beautifies spaces with its homogeneous and decorative brightness. The LED panel is a major asset for a company that values ​​its image. It is therefore a very powerful marketing tool, to impress as much as possible the people visiting your professional place.

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Very low energy consumption

Professionals think about the well-being of employees but also about the cost of lighting. The LED panel is a product that diffuses a powerful light while consuming very little energy. Compared with older types of fluorescent or halogen lighting, the reduction in consumption can be up to 80% thanks to the use of a LED panel. It is therefore a wise choice, as electricity expenses are down. The company, with performance obligations, can make real savings in terms of energy consumption.

Clear visibility thanks to the LED panel

In most offices, employees use computer screens. Traditional bulbs often caused problems with flickering. The LED panel responds to this inconvenience by minimizing the scintillating effect. It offers wide angle lighting, which diffuses a constant light throughout the room. In addition, the LED panel provides optimal immediate brightness, illuminates perfectly and reduces vision problems.

The ecological aspect of the panel

For a single LED panel, you save more than 20 incandescent bulbs. Thanks to this, you significantly reduce the level of pollution and the carbon index. This panel is also largely recyclable because it contains no toxic products that may be harmful to the environment, such as mercury. The light it produces is not infrared. So far, no UV emission has been noticed on LED lights. The panel is therefore in perfect harmony with the protection of the planet. It repels the greenhouse effect and thus guarantees better days for the health of employees and future generations.

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Longevity assured

Un LED panel quality offers a lifespan of more than 30 hours. It is much longer than conventional bulbs. This value corresponds to more than 000 years of use on a continuous operation basis for approximately 10 hours per day. The LED panel reduces maintenance and replacement costs, which has the positive consequence of reducing waste. It's great for businesses to know that they won't have to change their lights for several years.

A simple installation

You can fix a LED panel yourself without any difficulty. The installation process is simple. Just refer to the user guides of the suppliers to find the appropriate tips. There is no special material to be used for panel installation except in the case of ceiling suspension. The approach is generally the same as that used for older incandescent models. Of course you also have the opportunity to get help from professionals, especially if the space to be equipped is large.

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Different sizes of LED panels

In offices, two models of light panels are particularly popular:

  • Square LED panel, available in 60 x 60 cm or 30 x 30 cm sizes.

LED 30x30cm

  • The rectangular LED panel, which is also found in small size (60 x 30 cm) or in large size (120 x 30 cm) depending on the size of the room.

Rectangular Led ceiling

How to use the LED panel in offices?

In offices and professional spaces in general, the installation of the LED panel is mainly done on the ceiling, in order to illuminate the different areas of the room. The use can be done in different ways. Indeed, the panel can be embedded directly in the false ceiling or suspended thanks to a special kit allowing to fix the LED panel up to 1,5 meters of the ceiling. It can also be recessed on the wall, for a more original effect, but ceiling lighting is the most appropriate.

The reasons for the growing use of LED panel so many are, so much the product has advantages. It is very suitable for decoration and well-being needs and also allows to realize important energy savings and to participate in the protection of the planet.

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