Conversion Lux Lumens

Recommended lighting power and conversion calculation from Lumens to Lux

Recommended lighting power and conversion from Lumens to Lux

The Lux is a lighting unit, the Lumens too. What are the differences between the two and how to convert Lumens to Lux and vice versa 

It should be known that the price of an electrical renovation will depend in part on the electricity use of the home, including the lighting power required.

Definition of units used for lighting:

  • Lux = 1 1 Lumens per m²
  • The Lux is a unit that characterizes the rendering of lighting (consequence)
  • Lumens is a unit that characterizes the power of a light source (cause)
  • Here are the actual values ​​in lumens for light bulbs, LED spots or strips
  • Example: a 800 lumen bulb placed in a 12m² room will give an average lighting of 800/12 = 67 Lux
  • The lumens are always specified on the packaging of an energy-saving or LED bulb provided it is of quality
  • With the surface of the part to be illuminated and the desired number of lux, you get a number of Lumens
  • By knowing the Lumens per bulb, you have the number of bulbs necessary to install and therefore light points / wall lights / lights to install
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Then, you should know that the lighting power is a rather subjective quantity:

  • Some people will easily be satisfied with 80 lux in their living room while others will want 300! Lighting is like tastes and colors ...
  • Also the type of light (lighting spectrum) plays a lot on the impression of luminous power: a bulb in neutral white light or solar color will give an impression of much more light than a bulb of the same power in warm color - 2700 ° K - for the same power consumption!

Recommended lighting powers (high scale)

  • Stairs, basements, attics: 30 lux
  • Garages, hallway, utility room: lux 60
  • Kitchen, game room, lounge, dining room, local housework, waiting room: lux 250
  • Room, kitchen work and leisure, secretarial and lab: 500 lux
  • Entrance hall, shower room, bathroom, children's room, pantry: 720 lux
  • Reading, writing, crafts, homework, crafts, drawings, makeup: 750 lux
  • Architecture, accurate work, precise control, differentiate colors 7000 lux
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Regulatory lighting powers according to wikipedia

  • Streets, roads and highways: 15 50 to lux
  • intermittent activity or simple task: 125 lux
  • average mechanics, office work: 200 lux
  • fine mechanics, drawings 400 lux
  • precision engineering, electronics: 600 lux
  • difficult tasks, laboratories 800 lux

Examples of other common lighting powers (for comparison)

  • Sensitivity of a low level camera: 0,001 lux
  • Moonlit Night: 0,5 lux
  • Well-lit night street: 20 - 70 lux
  • Local life: 100 - 200 lux
  • Well-lit apartment: 200 - 400 lux
  • Work room: 200 - 3 lux
  • night stadium: 1 500 lux
  • Outside overcast sky 25 000 lux
  • Outdoors in direct sunlight: 50 000 100 000 to lux

The disparity of these values ​​confirms human subjectivity in the field of lighting ...

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  1. "Example: a bulb of 800 lumens placed in a room of 12m², will give a lighting of 800/12 = 67 Lux"

    false ... this would require that the light be uniformly distributed over the entire surface, which is impossible

    illumination in lux is inverssement proportional to the square of the distance from the lamp

  2. Hello

    As part of my mandate as a decorator I have to provide lighting for a multipurpose room whose measures are: 24 mx 10 x 4.13 (height)
    knowing that my room is 240 m² and that it is high, what do you recommend?
    I would like to ask
    45W led panel - 297 mm x 1197 mm - neutral white Vision EL
    Ref. Product: 77604
    can you give me the number of slab and rates
    With thanks
    0689376157 or 0041789415170

  3. I wish to illuminate a cold room of 600 M2 and 5 M of height, can you advise me the power to install for good lighting

    Thank you

  4. Hello, I want to illuminate a meeting room of 7,5 * 5,4 and height of 3 put with spotlights of 1 * 3W. how many bright spots could I have. cordially.

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