Earthship in video (ecological house)

Video presentation of "Earthship" houses

According to Ekopedia:

“Earthships (or Earth vessels) are dwellings invented by the American architect Mickael Reynolds in the 70s with the prospect of creating fully autonomous dwellings at lower cost.

To achieve his goals, Mickael Reynolds was based on:
- recovery of materials (used tires, cans, glass bottles, scrap wood ...),
- energy production using solar panels, wind turbines or other renewable energy sources,
- orientation to the south,
- a massive insulating wall construction,
- recovery and purification of rainwater.

The ultimate goal of Earthships being self-sufficiency, we can also find dry toilets, and other facilities, in order to recycle human waste to make connection to the sewers unnecessary. "

HQE forum and ecological habitat
Discussion on Earthships, recycled and environmentally friendly homes

1ere video:

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2ieme video (1 / 2):

2ieme video (2 / 2):

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