Download: Earthship recycled and ecological home, concept and operation

Presentation of the concept of the recycled and ecological house "Earthship" .pdf 24 pages.


An earthship is:

A house built in an ecological way for a long existence and which is completely independent of an external delivery for its energy and water needs. Completely self-sufficient, therefore.

The concept of an earthship is designed in such a way that the impact of man on the earth decreases considerably.

It is built from scrap such as car tires, cans, bottles and other leftover construction materials. It supplies its inhabitants with electricity through solar panels, windmills and other "alternative" energy sources that are currently
quite common.

The surplus energy can eventually be delivered to an energy company. The need for water is met by harvesting rainwater which is purified and reused.

Human waste is recycled biologically and hygienically, making any connection to a sewer unnecessary.

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