Earth, end of game?

The second edition of “Earth, end of the game? Is now available as a printed book.

This is a summary book and the analysis and forecasting method used has been tested with - unfortunately, because this is not good news - a total success this summer.

As I had calculated a few months earlier, the summer surface area of ​​the sea ice has fallen sharply from one year to the next (by nearly 500 km²), millions of km² of permafrost (“eternally” frozen land) thawed in Siberia, Alaska and northern Canada, the tundras began to behave in earnest as carbon fountains (CH000 emissions), the temperature of ocean surface waters rose by 4 ° C in the 'Central Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico (and more so in the Arctic Seas), the tornado and cyclone seasons started earlier… In fact, you can probably say that in 2 we reached a second threshold in climate change.

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