The inexhaustible and green oil obtained by fermentation

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Covering more than 10 times the energy needs of France for transport valuation of our household waste, agriculture and industry ...

This is what would, if it were developed, the method of Dr. Laigret, consisting of synthetic oil by anaerobic fermentation by bacteria type "Perfringens".

The process, unlike most other biomass treatments (biomethanisation at the top), gives a quality liquid fuel, easily transportable, refined and in many ways similar to "natural" crude oil ... with the difference that its reserves are renewable!

Added to this, the ability to directly use micro algaeAnd the (supposedly) current energy crisis is only the consequence of bad policies and industrial wills ...

green and renewable oil by Laigret

The work of Dr. Laigret in fact a major historical discovery, date of 1940 years but were ignored for decades ...

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