Drying of firewood according to air humidity

Wood drying: hygroscopic balance table for firewood or construction wood

Burning quality, dry wood is a necessary condition for good combustion and good performance from your wood-burning appliance. The burnt wood must be as dry as possible. In below 20% RH, the wood is considered to be dry, below 10% RH, the wood is considered to be very dry!

  • How to properly dry firewood?
  • What is the% residual humidity depending on the storage temperature?
  • What is the% residual humidity according to the ambient humidity?

Wood hygroscopic balance

The table below answers these questions and gives the residual humidity of your firewood according to the humidity and temperature of the storage room:

drying firewood
Drying firewood or construction wood: temperature and humidity conditions in the air VS residual moisture in the wood

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