Download: TIPE at ICAM on the pantone engine

TIPE report: the PANTONE process or exhaust gas into the intake

This report from TIPE shows that, despite our efforts to popularize and demystify pantone, many students are re-inventing hot water with poor results… when they don't pass on false information. Pity…


Since the acceleration of the development of emerging countries such as China or India, many studies predict the depletion of oil resources in the coming years.

Estimates vary widely among laboratories, but we can say that oil will become a commodity more and
rarer and more expensive.

Many motorists engineering teams therefore looking at other means of production of mechanical energy such as hydrogen motors where induction systems.

However, the fleet may only be modified in time. Even assuming that a revolutionary process be discovered soon, it would take twenty years to change the world fleet.

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Some processes have therefore been developed to increase at lower costs the yields of thermal engines. Of these, we selected the PMC Pantone for several reasons. First of all it is a really easy process to implement because it is no coarsely, a few pipes and a canister. One can imagine putting
quickly update existing engines for a nominal cost. Then the PMC Pantone has a huge environmental benefit. Indeed, reusing the exhaust gas and the
reinjecting into the intake, air pollution will decrease it and make it virtually zero for some settings. Finally, the PMC Pantone will allow to significantly reduce fuel consumption as on the best models we manage to operate motors with a mixture of 20% less oil and more than 80% water.

This is the principle of reusing exhaust gases into the intake which is the duality studied in this folder. Indeed, it may at first appear ridiculous to want to inject use of waste gases into the intake, whereas usually it works to send only the purest air possible.

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