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February 4 2010 Full Debate of " Tonight or Never »On France3 on the public debt

Debate divided into 7 parts of approximately 20 minutes in the order of display below.

Learn more about the public debts of the states

Learn more about the public debts of the states

Guest list

Eric Woerth: Minister of the Budget

Minister of Budget, Public Accounts, Public Service and State Reform. It is Eric Woerth who, with the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Christine Lagarde, announced the will to go down under 3% 2013, considering that it is a realistic objective which can to be reached for half thanks to the recovery and for half by the reduction of the expenditure. It is on this occasion that he has thus maintained the promise of Nicolas Sarkozy not to raise taxes, an ambition difficult to achieve according to many economists

Paul Jorion: Anthropologist

Sociologist, anthropologist and economist discipline, Paul Jorion taught at the Universities of Brussels, Cambridge, Paris VIII and California. The general public knows him especially for being one of the first to predict the crisis, by announcing from 2006 the crisis of the subprimes. Two books published in recent weeks bear his signature, first of all "How Truth and Reality were invented" (Gallimard) but also "Money, how to use" (Fayard). For Paul Jorion, the government's desire to rapidly reduce the public debt must be understood as the pursuit of a harmful neoliberal policy, the very one that, according to Paul Jorion, led to the crisis we know.

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François de Closets: Journalist

Journalist and writer. After making his debut at AFP François de Closets was a science journalist on television where he produced various programs on science or economics. He has also written extensively for print media, including the Nouvel Observateur, the Thursday and L'Express events. He is also the author of many essays like "Happiness and more", "the great Manip", or "Countdown". François de Closet has just published "Zero fault: the spelling, a French passion".

Dominique Reynié: Political scientist, Professor Sciences Po

Political scientist, Professor at Sciences Po, and Director General of the Foundation for Political Innovation (Fondapol). It is under the auspices of its foundation that the notes "Reducing debt through the Constitution: creating a fiscal rule in France" and Strategy for a reduction of the French public debt, respectively by Jacques Delpla and Nicolas Bouzou were published . It is on the occasion of this publication that the Fondapol has just published a survey on the perception of public debt by the French, survey that shows that deficits are now one of the concerns of the French.

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Sandra Moatti: Editor, Deputy Chief, Economic Alternatives

Deputy editor of the monthly magazine "Alternatives Economiques", Sandra Moatti signs the file that the magazine has chosen to address this month, entitled: "Should we be afraid of debt? ". In her article, without denying the importance of the problem of public deficits, Sandra Moati questions the many "prejudices" that this debate raises.

Bertrand Lemennicier: Economist, Professor University Paris II

Doctor in economics and professor at the University Paris II Panthéon-Assas. Author of books such as "The marriage and family market", "Five questions to the unions" or "La Morale versus the economy", (Editions d'Organization) Bertrand Lemennicier claims his belonging to the sphere He was a liberal thinker and he was in charge of the European branch of the Institute of Humane Studies, an institution that aims to train students in liberal thought.

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Daniel Benoin: Director

Central and major figure of the French and European theatrical scene, Daniel Benoin is since 8 years the director of the National Theater of Nice. Author, translator, actor and director, he is also and above all a director, and in recent months, in addition to the play of Christine and Olivier Orban, "the collector" which has just ended, he staged "a dyptic for a crisis "with two pieces," the novel of a trader "by Jean-Louis Bauer, inspired by the Jérôme Kerviel affair and" ADA: The Money of Others "by Jerry Sterner.

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