Download: TIPE thermochemistry study on Pantone engine

by Flours Timothy, Hendel Martin and Sineau Camille. Saint-Louis High School

This theoretical study of the Pantone reactor was carried out as part of our TIPE in 1e year prep maths at Lycée Saint-Louis. Several approximations are made and no assembly could be built for lack of time. Despite this, based on the experiments conducted by Cristophe Martz, we were able to conduct an analysis, indicative at least, of the thermochemical operation of the Pantone reactor.

We will study here the effect that cracking, if cracked, fuel (water and octane here) in the Pantone reactor. The values ​​we obtain are only an order of magnitude of reality. Some knowledge is needed in thermochemistry if we want to restart calculations and formulas.

.pdf of 11 pages

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Thermochemistry TIPE study on Pantone engine

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