Download: Vapocracking and steam explosion, ligno-cellulosic application

Vapocracking and Steam explosion and applications for 2ieme generation biofuels called lignocellulosic

First development: 1925 for the production of "Hardboard"

First application on biomass: early 1980

Vapocracking - vapocracking:

- Penetration and condensation of high pressure steam inside the lignocellulosic material

The Steam explosion:

- Instantaneous vaporization of part of the condensation water during sudden expansion
- Significant shearing of the material caused by the expansion of the
water Vapour

Conference held in the context of the 6ieme Biomass Meetings organized by Valbiom

More: 6ieme Biomass meeting, biofuel of 2ieme generation. Bio-refinement of lignocellulosic materials

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