Download: Standards and regulations on wood heating

Standards and regulations in force in France on wood heating

Summary document written by the Costic.

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This sheet summarizes the different texts that make up the regulation of domestic wood heating.

The context

The current French technical regulation is composed of two types of
- Legislative and regulatory texts (Laws, Decrees, Orders)
- Technical texts (Unified Technical Documents (DTU), professional rules or recommendations, standards, technical opinions, technical experimentation assessments). The DTUs and professional rules or recommendations eventually take on the status of standards.

In public procurement, standards are mandatory.
In the private market, their application is contractual.

However, the guarantees of manufacturers' liability insurance policies are no longer guaranteed if they are not respected when they are specified in the market. Certain standards are made compulsory for all contracts (public or private) by ministerial decree. They then have the same value as the regulatory texts.

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