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General States of Road Safety 2007 Report of the Federal Commission for Road Safety, Belgium 2007.

An interesting study on road safety in Belgium with, rare thing, graphs and diagrams whose unit is the km.passenger traveled. The figures for France are probably similar, so this study gives good orders of magnitude.


In order to combat road slaughter, the federal government created in May 2001 the General States of Road Safety which proposed to the federal government to set as a target a reduction of 50% of the annual number of deaths on the Belgian roads for the year 2010 compared to the average of the years 1998, 1999 and 2000.

This objective was part of the similar objective set by the European Commission in its White Paper "European Transport Policy for the 2010 Horizon", and within the framework of the objectives set by the Flemish Region. Many recommendations to achieve this goal were presented during the February 25 2002 public day. In order to quickly register an improvement in road safety, the cornerstone of the recommendations was a combination of awareness and enforcement campaigns to improve the behavior of road users.

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Five years after this event, and thanks to the efforts of all stakeholders in road safety at the federal, regional, provincial or local level, remarkable progress has been made since the number of people killed in 2005 is 27,5% below the average 1998 - 2000, which represents on the period the third best decrease among the European countries. This report presents a summary of the most representative data on the evolution of road safety in Belgium between 2000 and 2005.

Progress over the period is remarkable, but was the easiest to record. Continuing to improve road safety to achieve the goal of saving 750 lives a year will require complementary efforts. This is why the Federal Commission for Road Safety (CFSR) presents new recommendations that are detailed in this report.

Even if Belgium achieves the goal of reducing by 50% the number of people killed on the roads, the results recorded by the most successful countries in terms of road safety show that further progress is possible and must be recorded. We therefore propose to the government to set itself the goal of not exceeding 500 killed on the roads in Belgium in 2015 and to take the necessary measures together to achieve this objective.

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The recommendations presented in this report have been the subject of numerous discussions in the various working groups and plenary sessions of the Federal Commission for Road Safety, but always in a constructive spirit, and taking into account
the unspeakable suffering of the victims of the road and their loved ones. We would like to warmly thank the members of the Federal Road Safety Commission or working groups for their efforts and contributions to this report.

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