Download: Excitation power of a wind turbine

Control of the excitation power of a wind turbine

Laboratory of Materials and Renewable Energies, Abu Bakr University BELKAID. Tlemcen, Algeria.

Key words - Control, automatism, electricity, wind energy, wind, hybrid system, speed, networks.

Summary - It is (increasingly) more interesting to use renewable energy sources such as wind, oceans and sun to obtain electrical energy. In our case, we want to increase the extraction power of a 1500 watt aerator, during variations in wind speed, depending on the dynamic behavior of the system, which in our case is a hybrid system. For this we offer two operational methods:

First method: operation of maintaining the distribution of wind speeds at a constant value in the case of an isolated system.

Second method: synchronization operation of the system connected to a network.

In our case, the simulation shows that the
The isolated system is more efficient than the low power system, because the output power of the isolated system will be more adequate so we have proposed a strategy for controlling the wind generator.

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