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Wood pellets and facilities
pellet heating system

Swiss document in German and French by Thomas Nussbaumer, privat-docent, engineer-mechanic dipl. EPF, Verenum, Langmauerstrasse 109, CH-8006 Zurich.

This document was produced with the support of the Federal Office of Energy SFOE. It is a synthetic and very complete document on this new energy.

In this section:

1 Why pellets?
2 Potential and production
3 Characteristics of wood pellets
4 Energy density and storage volume
5 forms of delivery
6 Standards
7 Energy and ecological balance
8 Areas of application
9 Handling and storage of wood pellets
10 Combustion of wood pellets
11 Types of stoves and boilers
12 Costs
13 Summary and perspectives
14 Bibliography
15 Addresses


Wood pellet heating systems represent an interesting opportunity to harness the energy of wood. For low power already, they lend themselves to a very convenient automated service.

Modern installations have an automatic ignition and ensure a low emission combustion thanks to the homogenization of the fuel into pellets with constant heating value.

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For example, wood pellets are produced from sawdust or
shavings. To feed a stove, they are delivered in bag and introduced manually in a daily silo. A pellet stove can be used as an alternative to a manual loading wood stove and create different optical accents with a visible flame.

On the other hand, pellet boilers are mechanically loaded and have a fuel silo that can cover the annual needs of the plant. A wood pellet boiler can therefore be substituted for an oil fired boiler, a
gas boiler or heat pump. Maintenance is limited to cleaning
and periodic evacuation of ashes. Wood pellet heating systems therefore combine the advantages of wood, a renewable energy resource, with those of an automatic heating system.

With the ever more efficient optimization of the building envelope, very interesting areas of application open up to pellet heating systems, as these are suitable for low power and are offered at favorable prices.

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