Download: Patent Chambrin FR2302420

Patent posed by Mr Chambrin, to know more about Chambrin the process, click here.

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Patent Chambrin FR2302420

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  1. Hello. After reading all his information about the inventions of "water engines", and other information that I have collected over the years, the "water engine" still remains "a mystery" or a utopia for some. I am pragmatic and I want to believe in all these passionate guys who have spent a lot of time thinking, imagining and testing their work. Water is a possibility of exploiting its molecular composition HO2 to create an "atomic" reaction that will generate energy in different aspects. Different means have been used by its researchers to arrive at results for some means, inconclusive, but for others satisfactory, even avant-garde which goes beyond understanding for some. In its natural state, we see that water in nature has surprising effects at all levels, fluid or liquid water, ice or steam. Its power is colossal, even uncontrollable.
    In view of my readings and experiments on the subject, I know that it is possible to create a "water engine" without too much difficulty for professionals, electronics engineer, computer engineer, passionate mechanic, general mechanics, boilermaker or even auto electrician . It would be a great adventure, perhaps "risky". Once realized the plan of the so-called "water engine" is to spread it widely on the net in order to make it popular because a patent on an avant-garde engine model other than those with fuel today would be (stillborn ) by a "negative Pandora's box shape for all novelties on combustion engines with conventional fuels" Of course, look for where the money goes, you will find the secret of the mystery of the "water engine"...
    But in other areas it is. Medical, alternative medicine, for example, where it is risky to succeed outside well-established and well-guarded protocols...

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