Packaging, marketing and waste. 32 answers questions from the CNE

"To be or not to be excited." 32 questions we ask ourselves about packaging ”, 1.2 Mo, published by the National Packaging Council (CNE)


Nobody have comprehensive, but everyone owning a parcel, packaging material manufacturers and packaging, manufacturers of consumer products, retailers, consumer organizations, protection associations of environment, local authorities, licensed companies and operators of collection and recovery sector met in 1997 together to create the National packaging Council, to include the prevention of packaging waste household both in the upstream of the packaging line, with the eco-design and source reduction, as in the downstream consumption practices.

32 the issues addressed in this document we were asked by consumers and representatives of local authorities at regional meetings and conferences, or have been reported by the consumer and protecting the environment of the CNE members. These questions were not chosen by manufacturers or distributors, and they are formulated in the same terms as those used to let us know.

We sought to address without dogmatism, documenting best answers and trying to avoid both over-simplification of the anathema that smug apology for packaging, in a collective approach based on complementarity and reflections search balances.

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This document is the result of many contributions of sometimes very different sensitivities; all colleges of the CNE have participated in its development, consequently the answers are not the only reflection of everyone's opinion.

Its implementation has required 8 working meetings with representatives of all the CNE colleges and 2004 2005.

We consider that this is a first step. During the development of this project, whose primary objective was to answer in the present circumstances, the questions put to us, it seemed important to the participants to seek new paths to reduce packaging source and waste prevention. Several new initiatives have been launched in this regard to the CNE, giving this document a positive result and a response to the 33e question: "how to do better?".

Georges ROBIN. CNE President

List of 32 issues

1 - Why the number of packages he continues to rise?
2 - Why the number of family packs presented in radius decreases there?
3 - Why Tax garbage she steadily increasing?
4 - What's my interest in reducing my "consumption" of packaging?
5 - The source reduction packages she regards as packaging grouping and transportation?
6 - What does the term "sustainable development"?
7 - What is the green dot?
8 - Why not put a specific labeling for recyclable packaging?
9 - How, when buying, choose recyclable packaging?
10 - Why the "packaging recycled" words rarely appear on products?
11 - Why can not integrate more than 25% recycled plastic in bottles of liquid food?
12 - Is it more advantageous to use recycled material?
13 - What is the difference in cost between the recycled plastic and virgin material?
14 - Is it difficult to recycle plastic?
15 - Packaging complex or different materials they are less or not recyclable? Are they more pollutants?
16 - What is energy recovery of packaging waste?
17 - Should You Buy Products for cutting instead of buying prepackaged products for packaging issues?
18 - Could we not avoid plastic bottles by drinking tap water?
19 - packaging Why are they incorrectly filled, oversized or misleading?
20 - Why not remove the wrappers?
21 - Why are there any grouping of packages?
22 - Why are there any products with overlay 3 packaging? Or more caps and lids?
23 - Why is he on small packaging products that would seem to go without?
24 - Why are there individual packages especially if superposition of packaging?
25 - Why are there any blisters (especially when they are too big) while the products seem to do without it?
26 - Why are there boxes or cardboard cases for flexible tubes?
27 - Why are there overwrapping linked to promotions (examples: collars on bottles, lots, etc.)?
28 - Why prefer eco-refills?
29 - Why not reinstate the set?
30 - Can we leave some in-store packaging for consumers who wish?
31 - Should we not replace plastic shopping bags by paper bags that are more easily recyclable?
32 - What is the point of me go free shopping bag?

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