Download: Buderus Price list for 2009

List (indicative) prices of Buderus heating equipment range for Belgium in 2009

This list includes the following hardware ranges:
- Logamax Plus GB162 T10 T40S GB142 GB152T GB132: wall-mounted gas condensing boiler
- Logano Plus GB202: floor standing gas condensing boiler
- Logano G144 G244: gas boiler in cast iron
- Logano Plus SB105 GB125 GB225: oil condensing boiler
- Logano GE125 GE125 RLU GE225: oil-fired cast iron boiler
- Logano S151 G211D: wood log boiler
- Logano SP251: automatic pellet boiler
- Blueline 4 7 9 10 4W: log stoves with or without hot water production
- Solar range
- Heat pump range

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Buderus price list for 2009

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