Download: Chainsaw biodegradable greases and oils

Tests and developments of biodegradable oils for chainsaws in collaboration with BURGO ARDENNES by Vincent Blackman.

Examples of tests carried out on biodegradable oils in comparison with mineral oils obtained from petrochemicals.

Evaluation criteria :

1 °) Test conditions:
- Ambient temperature
- Type of work: felling, cutting, delimbing ...
- Wood quality: soft, hard, mixed. softwood, hardwood, mixed
- Type and brand of machine, guide length
- Make and type and oil

NB: stay with the usual settings

2 °) Impression on the oil from the point of view:
- Viscosity
- Splashes and splashes
- Chain and guide wear
- Alteration of paint, rubbers and plastics
- Corrosion of metal parts
- Difficulty cleaning the machine and clothes
- Odor and skin allergy

Conference support in the card of the 5ieme Biomass Meetings on Biolubrifiants organized by Valbiom

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