Download: Air Motor MDI study of Mines of Paris

Scientific analyzes and evaluations on MDI Air Engine by J. Benouali, D. Clodic from the Ecole des Mines de Paris, July 2003.

noon Air Car


The concept of MDI CAT is based on different ideas:
- a compressed air motor
- reversibility of the motor that can be used as an air compressor (braking)
- a light urban vehicle
- small-scale vehicle manufacturing (micro factories) to limit delivery costs

This study is based on figures provided by MDI. The current design of the MDI engine named 34p01-4 is a 3 stage air expansion design with 2 intermediate heat exchangers to heat the air between 2 expansions.

- Another study by the Ecole des Mines on the air car.
- air motor, finally figures

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): MDI air motor, study of the Mines of Paris

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