Download: HCCI, ATAC and CAI engines, the new gasoline and diesel engines with auto-ignition

New modes of combustion and their contribution to the depollution of engines

Document made in October 2006, by Michel MARTIN, Lycée Albert CLAVEILLE, Périgueux on the new modes of combustion.


- The appellations
- Details on the course of an HCCI type combustion
- The different load preparation solutions
- The different solutions to act on the start of combustion and on its progress
- Closed-loop combustion phasing control
- Current performance
- Conclusions, prospective


After having laid down the principles of homogeneous combustions ignited by compression in the 1 part (see Tech Info # 18) we will examine the application of these principles with a view to industrial achievements.

The case of gasoline engines using CAI will not be discussed much in this part 2 and it is the diesel application which will constitute the major part of the developments. This choice is logical because the projects and research in progress are mostly around diesel for which future pollution control standards will be very expensive to meet. Most of the principles stated can nevertheless be transferred to gasoline applications.

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Here are 5 other terms that we can add to the list of acronyms established in the 1 part:

- ACCH: Ignition by Homogeneous Charge Compression (Canadian research origin)
- HPC: Higly Premixed Combustion (origin IFP, it is the application to the industrial engine of the IFP NADI process)
- CIHC: Compression-Ignitied Homogeneous Charge (Nadj and Foster, University of
- CIBAI: Compression Ignition By Air Injection (West Virginia University, tests on a CFR engine to control auto-ignition by injection of hot air)
- APIR: Auto-ignition Controlled by Radical Injection (research by the University of Orleans in collaboration with PSA) which is positioned as an intermediary between the classic mode and the HCCI.

We can also add the French terms decided by the commission of
terminology and which appeared in the Official Journal 2 June 2006:

- Self-ignition by compression translates the term HCCI
- Hot gas self-ignition translates the term ATAC
- Preset auto-ignition translates the term CAI

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This terminology has a mandatory status in all official French language publications but it is not sure that this is sufficient to impose it because the ground is already "well occupied"

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