Download: Gillier-Pantone engine on water-doped trawlers

Video on water doping on fishing boats broadcast on FR3 in November 2007.

Two reports are present in this video:

A) Soaring crude oil price: meeting with the French Minister of Economy and Finance Christine Lagarde which shows the inability and incompetence of governments to resolve or limit the rise in energy prices!

Opposite, the tankers make a maximum of profis and do not want to return on their interests.

Let's not forget one thing: consumers are lobbying… and not the other way around…

B) More interesting: presentation of a Gillier Pantone engine (Vulcano version) on 2 trawlers in Boulogne sur Mer for around 10% savings! Amortization over 1 year! Find out more: Gillier-Pantone engine on trawlers

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Gillier-Pantone engine on water-doped trawlers

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