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World Energy Outlook 2007 (WEO 2007): China and India, energy outlook.

World leaders are committed to action to change the energy future. Some new policies are already being implemented. But trends in energy demand, imports, coal use, and greenhouse gas emissions that are on the horizon for 2030 in this year's World Energy Outlook are getting worse than those provided in the WEO 2006.

China and India are the emerging giants of the global economy. The unprecedented pace of economic development will require ever more energy but will transform the lives of billions of people.

There can be no question of asking these countries to curb growth alone to solve problems that, in any case, arise on a global scale.

How to achieve, under these conditions, the transition to a safer and less carbon emitting energy system?

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The WEO 2007 brings the answers to this question. In three senarios, with many statistics and projections as well as analysis and advice, this book shows China, India and the rest of the world why we must all cooperate to influence the future. energy and what means are needed to achieve this.

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